We will in no way patronise any terrorists

AK Abdul Momen, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, stated that Bangladesh will decide its policy towards Afghanistan on its own after observing the situation and their policies. However, no terrorists will ever be patronised.

He said yesterday that he had zero tolerance and would not support terrorists. This was in reference to the participation of some Bangladeshis in Afghanistan's previous Taliban government.

When asked if Bangladesh would follow Pakistan's or India's policy, the minister stated that Bangladesh was independent from any other country.

Momen briefed journalists at the foreign ministry that Bangladesh has a historical relationship with Afghanistan, and that it is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, which is a member to the Saarc.

"We believe in democracy. He stated that we should ensure the welfare of people and that no decision has been made on Afghanistan.

Tuesday's announcement by the Taliban of an all-male interim government in Afghanistan was made by them.

According to the foreign minister, Bangladesh believes in a people-elected government that is democratically elected and supports governments that reflect people's desires.


Momen reiterated Bangladesh’s call to make Covid-19 vaccine a public benefit, noting that vaccine doses can expire at any time and are not shared with other countries.

He stated that some people are placing conditions on sharing vaccine doses, which he considers an "indirect pressure" upon countries like Bangladesh.

The minister spoke about his recent trip to the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands, saying, "We had an extremely busy schedule with some positive results."

Momen, referring to his meeting in Geneva with UNHCR said that the UN will soon be involved in Bhasan Char.

He stated that they also discussed climate issues, as Bangladesh is very vocal about them.

Minister said that they are looking for actions and delivery to fulfill their climate commitments.

Momen stated earlier that a successful recovery from a pandemic must include universal vaccination and ending the inequality in vaccines.

He referred to the sad manifestation of vaccine nationalism in this context and called on the world to unite against such vaccine inequity.

"It's time for development partners to be more compassionate and help those who are most in need without discrimination. The minister said that vaccine should be a public benefit at the United Nations High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace, held at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

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